NORTHERN AREA - The northern area has many different runs so you can enjoy a variety of skiing styles. This is the perfect area to enjoy powder snow, and for all park users.

Snow park for begginers
This snow park is a safe place for beginners to improve their skills.
You can practice at your own pace. Using the lift is fine and there are items to practice if you hike up as well. Try you park debut from here!

A beginner/intermediate slope. 1050m long.
A course where even beginners can enjoy gliding.
Intermediate course. 700m long
A fully snow compacted trail. Skier can enjoy a pleasant run as the trail is wide..

Intermediate course. 250m long.
A double flat run with a wonderful view. The Downhill Course starts at the peak of the mountain.
Roman Holiday
Beginner course. 500m long
This is a fantastic run for beginners and children to practice on. Along the side of the Buggy lift is a whole series of waves and banks that offer a great new sensation to enjoy. This is also the access point for the link to the Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort.

Super Broadway
Intermediate course. 450m long
A dynamic non-compacted snow run with a constant gradient that divulges from the Broadway.
Super Swan
Expert course. 150m long
One of the non-compacted trails that can be enjoyed in the morning after a fresh snow fall. It has now become a new popular trail at GALA. You can enjoy wonderful power snow after a night of heavy snowfalls.