GALA Snow Wonderland. Making Memories in a Crystalline Snowy Paradise. Meet our Concierge! Our foreign staff team will be happy to assist with any needsSo foreign customers will have nothing to worry about

  • Tubing

    Let’s spin around and experience a different kind of fun in than snow than just sledding!
    Opening hours: every day between 2017/4/1 ~ 4/9 and on weekends from 4/15 ~ 4/23 and then once again every day from 4/29 ~ 5/7

    Cost: 3 times for 500¥, with rubber boots 900¥
    (only for persons above primary school age)
    ※may close unexpectedly due to snow conditions
    ※Gondola tickets are not included

  • Kanjiki sightseeing tour
    Kanjiki sightseeing tour

    Welcome to a guided tour that you can take part in whilst wearing traditional Japanese snow shoes and experience our one of a kind views from the top of the mountain!
    Opening times: Until the end of the season

    Cost: 1,500¥
    (includes the tour price and Kanjiki rental items)
    ※the cost for riding the gondola and wear rental, rubber boots are not included
    ※may close if the snow conditions are not suitable for the tour

  • Sledding and Snow play
    Sledding and Snow play

    Experience the snow happily and safely! Let’s have fun sledding in the special sledding area, make snow men, snowball fights and much more!

  • Snow country style experience plan
    Snow country style experience plan

    Feel like an ancient Japanese hero after having your photo taken with a Japanese snow village umbrella. Customers will be presented with a framed photo to take home.

    Cost: 1,500¥

  • Kimono picture printing experience
    Kimono picture printing experience

    Experience the art of kimono painting from our very own Tokamachi town expert and create your own unique design to take home in a frame

    Cost: 1,500¥
    ※open on weekdays

  • Snow Shoe Tour
    Snow Shoe Tour

    A guided Trekking tour in snow boots where customers will be able to ride the lifts up to the forest areas on the mountain to participate. Not for the feint hearted.
    Opening times: Until the end of the season.

    Cost: 3,000¥
    (includes the tour cost, rental of snow shoes and a one-time ride on the lift)
    ※may be forced to cancel operation depending on the weather conditions
    ※Gondola and rental wear, snowboard boots costs are not included.