After playing, refresh yourself in the hot springs and pool!

In addition to hot springs, there are plenty of facilities that children can enjoy, such as a fitness pool, open-air jacuzzi, and children’s pool. You can relax in the free rest space “IRORI Lounge”, so even customers with children can use it freely.

Time / Fee

Business Period Dec.17th, 2022 ~ May 7th, 2023
Business Hour 12:00~19:00 (Business hour will be change in Spring seaon)
Facilities that can be use All facilities in SPA GALA no Yu, fitness pool and hot springs
Price Enter by 15:00 15:00~19:00
Adult Child Adult Child
Entrance price
Towel set included
¥1,000 ¥600 ¥1,300 ¥800
Swimming Suit ¥500 ¥500

※Free for infants and babies (excluding towel set)

Hot Springs

Enjoy skiing for one day then soak slowly in the hot springs to refresh your body before return home.

Hot Springs

Powder Room


A bright indoor heated pool surrounded by glass that you can enjoy while watching the snowy landscape. There is whirlpool, a jacuzzi with a massage effect, and a children’s pool. Swimwear is required for use.

Open-Air Jacuzzi

The open-air jacuzzi in the outdoor area has warm bubbles that make you feel comfortable even in the cold winter.

Children’s Pool

It is a pool with a depth of 60 cm that even children can play with peace of mind.

Fitness Pool

There are various fitness pools such as a relaxing pool that you can use while sleeping, a hot jacuzzi with a high water temperature, and a water flow that allows you to swim endlessly.

Precautions when using the fitness pool

  • Children must be accompanied by a parent.
  • For the children who do not have a diapers, please refrain from using.
  • Please note that the water flow and hot jacuzzi have a depth of 135 cm.
  • Please wash your feet and take a shower before go into the pool.
  • Please be sure to hold onto the bar before using the facility.
  • Please note that there is a risk of slipping near the poolside and the entrance of the pool.


GALA original goods, local sake, rice crackers, lunch boxes, and other Niigata prefecture specialties are selling in the ski center 「Cowabunga」. There are two stores, “Kayahirado” and “Gelespo”, which has a wide selection of popular brand sports items.At the「Gelespo Cheers Store」inside the Rest House「Cheers」, we mainly deal with items that are immediately useful on the slopes.

Official GALA Yuzawa Online Shop OPEN !

Special products of Niigata Prefecture and GALA original goods can also be purchased online! For details, please visit the website below.

Online Shop “Kayabirado” is here


Souvenior Corner



Sports Item

Sports Shops Before Going to Slope「Gelespo」



Locker・Changing Room

Male・Female Locker Room&Changing Room

Cowabunga 2nd Floor

Powder room inside female locker(Only in Cowabunga 2nd Floor)

A large locker that can be put in and taken out as many times as you want in a day. Equipped with a changing room with curtains. There is also a powder room attached to the women’s locker.

Location Ski Center Cowabunga 2nd Floor
Size Height 64 x Width 48 x Depth 54 cm
Price 1,000 yen (Free to put in and out as many times as you want in a day)
Business Hour 7:00~18:00(Cleaning will start after 18:00)

※ Please purchase a locker ticket when using.

Unisex Locker Room & Changing Room

Cowabunga 3nd Floor

A large locker that is recommended for families and groups and can be taken in and out as many times as you like in a day. There are separate changing rooms for men and women and private changing rooms with curtains.

Location Ski Center Cowabunga 3rd Floor
Size Height 64 x Width 48 x Depth 54 cm
Price 1,000 yen (Free to put in and out as many times as you want in a day)
Business Hour 7:00~18:00(Cleaning will start after 18:00)

※ Please purchase a locker ticket when using.

Please check the locker usage flow in advance.

Be sure to check the lock before you leave the locker

Suica Large Locker


Here’s for a large locker where you can put your suitcase as it is! . Payment can be made with Suica or cash.

Location Ski Center Cowabunga 3rd Floor
Size Size: Maximum height 85 x width 50 x depth 66 cm.
Price 200yen~1,300 yen (per 1 time)

※ Prices vary depending on size

Coin Locker

A coin locker that is convenient for putting a little luggage. We have 3 places in the ski resort.

◆ Ski Center Cowabunga 3F (next to Suica locker)

Size Height 26 x Width 29 x Depth 42 cm
Price 100 yen

◆ Rest House Cheers 1F

Size Height 32 x Width 37 x Depth 42 cm
Price 300 yen

※ A deposit of 100 yen will be returned when you finished using.

◆ Rest House Cheers 1F (inside the restaurant PALPAL)

Size Height 27 x Width 29 x Depth 42 cm
Price 100 yen

Free Rest Space
「ZASHIKI」(Cowabunga 3F)

A resting space where you can take off your shoes and relax.

It is a free rest space that you can use by taking off your shoes. There is an IRORI cafe and the massage chair (extra fee) in the lounge, so even those who do not ski can relax and have a calm atmosphere.
Please use it while you’re waiting for the Shinkansen and to relax after having fun in the snow.

Location Ski Center「Cowabunga」3F
Opening Date 17th Dec. 2022 ~ 7th May 2023
Business Hour 7:00~19:00 (Business hour will be change in Spring season)
Facilities Snack Corner「IRORI Café Suzuki Farm」
Hot Spring & Pool Facility「SPA GALA no Yu」

Kids’ room in GALA!

\ Kids Room /

A kids room is on the 2nd floor of the Rest House “Cheers”! We have prepared a space where children who are tired from playing on the slopes can take off their shoes and relax! You can eat and drink in the kids room, so please use it with your family.


Kids Room
(Family area)

Location Rest House「Cheers」2F Kids Room
Period of use Dec. 17, 2022 (Sat) – May 7, 2023 (Sun)
Reception period May 7, 2023 (Sun) untill 12:00 am
Reception place Rest House「Cheers」1F Information
Business Hour Schedule : 8 : 00 – 16 : 00
Price 4,000 yen per 1 group
※1 group is up to 6 people including children under elementary school age



The kids room requires advance reservations.
Please apply from the site below.

Click here to make a reservation for the kids room

※If there are vacancies, you can apply on-site. If you are interested, please come to the「Cheers」information.
※Customers using the kids room will be instructed on how to use it and how to unlock it, so please stop by the「Cheers」information when you arrive.




・There is a possibility that the opening will be postponed or the business will end early depending on the weather (snow conditions).
・Staff will not be in the kids room, so please keep an eye on your children.
・You cannot choose the location of the table to use.
・There are no reservations for private rooms.
・You can bring food and drink inside, but please refrain from drinking alcohol.
・Please return tableware and tray to each restaurant by yourself.
・Smoking is not allowed inside the facility. Please use the designated smoking area on the slopes.

Please check the reservation site for other precautions.



Delivery Corner・Luggage Storage
(Cowabunga 3F)

Delivery Corner

Send heavy luggage and make yourself light!

Heavy luggage such as skis, snowboards and boots. It is a service that you can send in advance and move easily on the Shinkansen and receive it at GALA Yuzawa on the day of your visit.

Location Ski Center「Cowabunga」3F
Business Period Dec.17th, 2022 ~ May 7th, 2023
Business Hour 8:00~19:00(Business hour will be change during Spring season)
Delivery Information Please send your luggage at least 3 days before your visit day.
Delivery Company Any delivery company is able to send to GALA
Round-trip delivery from each courier company are also available

Luggage Delivery Address

〒949-6101 Niigata-ken, Minamiuonuma-gun, Yuzawa-machi, Ooaza Yuzawa Aza Kayabira 1039-2
GALA Yuzawa Delivery Corner

Telephone No:080-3703-7795

※This number is only available during 17 December 2022 ~ 7 May 2023 only.

Please be sure to write the date of your visit on the invoice

Luggage Storage

At the delivery corner, we offer a luggage storage service at night. You can choose the storage period, so please use it.

Storage Items

  • Ski
  • Ski Boots
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard Boots

※ If you pack skis, snowboards, etc. in a single case or bag, we will keep them for the price of one piece of luggage.
※ Please note that if the ski, snowboard, boots, etc. are not in the case, a separate fee will be charged.

Storage Time Price
Until the next day ¥700
2 days ¥1,200
3 days ¥1,700
10 days ¥3,000
30 days ¥6,000

※ Please use the locker for one day storage.

Large Luggage Storage Service

Large luggage such as suitcases that cannot fit in the locker can be stored at the delivery corner on the 3rd floor. Please put all of your belongings from luggage in a locker to make it empty before handed your suitcase.
※ We will check your locker ticket at delivery corner.

Storage Period Price
If you’re using the locker 200 yen per item
If you’re not using the locker 1,300 yen per item

※ Storage can be use only within the day

A ski center directly connected to Gala Yuzawa Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen. All preparations before going to the slopes, such as ticket purchase, rental, and locker room, can be done here.
In addition, there is a free rest space and hot springs in this building where you can relax before returning home.

1F Parking Lot
Shuttle Bus Stop
2F GALA Yuzawa Station (Ticket Gate)
Gondola Station
Ticket Counter / Information
Rental Corner 「Salomon Station」
「KOMEKO Crepe」
Japanese Restaurant 「Yuta」・Rice Ball Restaurant Yuta
Souvenir shop 「Kayahirado」
Sports Shop 「Gelespo」
Changing Rooms & Lockers
Suica Charge Machine
Shinkansen ticket counter
Money Change Machine
3F Delivery Corner
Ski/Snowboard Rental (Temporary)
Changing Rooms & Lockers (For both men and women)
IRORI Café Suzuki farm
Free Rest Space ZASHIKI
Suica Large Locker
Season Locker

This is the main rest house attached to the gondola summit station. There are restaurants, school reception, premium rental, information, etc.
In addition, restaurants such as fast food and sweets are concentrated, including the food court with the largest number of seats in GALA Yuzawa.

1F Information
Food Court PAL PAL
「KOMEKO Crepe」
Sports Shop 「Gelespo」
Ski/Snowboard School Reception
Kids School Reception
Premium Rental
First-Aid Room
Coin Locker
Snow Activities Reception
Money Change Machine
2F Local Gourmet「Niigata Shokudo」

Payment Information

Information on credit cards, barcode payments, gift vouchers, etc. that can be used for payment at each facility of GALA Yuzawa.

You can use these payment methods, if there is these logo mark.

Acceptable barcode payment
(QR code payment)

Cash vouchers that can be used

・GALA Cash Voucher   ・View Voucher  ・「Arigatou Yuzawa」 Voucher  ・Furusato Niigata Support Donation Ticket  ・Ganbarou Yuzawa
・Yu-Tan Voucher

Ski Center「Cowabunga」

Store Cash Credit Card Electronic Money UnionPay Card Barcode Payment
(Chinese only)
Cash Coupon
Ticket Counter
Souvenir shop
Sports Shop
Japanese Restaurant
× ×
SPA GALA no Yu × × ×
Locker Machine ※1 × × × × ×
Vending Machine ※2 × × × ×
English Ski School ×
KOMEKO Crepe × × ×
Delivery Corner × × ×

※1 – If you want purchase a locker ticket by other payment method (not cash), please purchase it at the ticket counter.
※ 2 – There are also cash-only vending machines.

Rest House「Cheers」

Store Cash Credit Card Electronic Money UnionPay Card Barcode Payment
(Chinese only)
Cash Coupon
× ×
Local Gourmet
「Niigata Shokudo」
(Blue Seal)
KOMEKO Crepe × × ×
Sports Shop 「Gelespo」
Cheers Rental
Kids School
× ×


At the ATM “VIEW ALTTE”, you can use services such as various settings for the view card, charging from the VIEW card to Suica, and withdrawal of deposits and savings from affiliated financial institutions.

Suica Charge Machine

Installation location

〇Ski center “Cowabunga” 1F
〇Rest house “Cheers” 1F

Operating time:

7:00 to 18:00 (Spring season 7:00 to 17:00)

Money Change Machine

Installation location

〇 near the locker room on the 2nd floor of the ski center “Cowabunga” 2 units
〇 Rest house “Cheers” 1F 1 unit