GALA Winter Firework will be held this season!

\「GALA Winter Firework」is scheduled for 3 consecutive weeks!/


The fireworks show in winter time with music, creates a different fireworks display every time, whether it’s in the midst of falling snow or under a clear starry sky in winter. The fireworks that bloom in the night sky in time with the music are so fantastic and romantic♪ Please enjoy the collaboration of sound and light.


【Event Date】

20 JAN27 JAN3 FEB 2024


【Event Time】

Scheduled to launch from 17:45 after we can confirm the finished of Falcon Downhill course.
(Detailed start time will be announced inside the Ski Center on the day of event)

※It may be postponed or canceled due to weather and etc.


【Viewing Location】

The bottom area of Falcon Downhill course (exit from COWABUNGA ski center near rental corner)