Course Map

Course Map

■Sledding is only available in the sled area

Sledding is only available at the exclusive sled area (in the Snow Enjoyment Park)

■About mobile phone use while riding the chair lift

About the use of mobile phone on the chair lift. Beware if you drop your mobile phone on the lift or in the course, it will be difficult to find it. In addition, even if the location of the drop can be identified, the search might be refused if the safety of the search team cannot be ensured. Try not to use your mobile phone while riding the chair lift or on the course.

■About carrying a baby on the chair lift

When riding with an infant who does not have a ski or board, please take responsibility as a guardian to secure with a special string or baby carrier, pay attention to safety, and follow the instructions of the staff. Also, when skiing, please ski safely under the ski resort terms and conditions.

■ Attached the ski when riding a lift or riding without the ski attached for sightseeing

As a general rule, please use the lift with the ski attached. If you have any concerns about boarding, please let the staff know. In the case of sightseeing use for going up to the Love Bell Observatory, only the Barouche lift can be boarded by foot.

■About the display of restricted area at GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort

Since there is a risk of avalanche, skiing is prohibited in the restricted zone.
Do not slide over the installed poles, nets, etc. for any reason.

■Drones are prohibited

Since there is a risk of collision with skiers and lift facilities, falling, etc., shooting using a drone etc. in GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort is prohibited without permission.

■Walk in the course is prohibited

Due to the risk of collision with skiers, walking on the course for mountain climbing or photography purposes is prohibited.

■About ski/snowboard equipment that is approved by our company

Equipment that cannot be fixed or attached to the skier himself, or equipment that is separated from his feet, may fall from the lift or flow in the course and may collide, so skiing and lift riding are not permitted at our ski resorts.

Examples of equipment
that can be use
at our ski resort
Ski・Snowboard・Chairski・Monoski・Telemark Ski・ Separate Snowboard・Bigfoot・Snowfeet
Examples of equipment
that cannot be use
at our ski resort
Sled, Snowracer, Snowbike(Snowscoot・Snowmoto・Snow Cycle・SBX), Snow Skate, Air Board

※ Please use the sled only in the Snow Enjoyment park.
※ Please contact us regarding the availability of sliding equipment other than above.

■Prohibition of bringing items into gondola and lift
  • Explosives, flammable liquids (excluding smoking lighters), explosive substances, corrosive substances, bottled gas, substances that may generate toxic gas, etc.
  • Stove for cooking (electricity, gas, cassette stove)
  • Animals (excluding small pet animals that do not have a significant odor and are placed in containers and service dogs)
  • Items that may damage the carrier
  • Items that do not fit in the carrier
  • In addition to the items listed in the preceding items, items that may cause harm or inconvenience to other passengers, such as cutlery.
Top Elevation 1,181 m.
Base Elevation 358 m.
Elevation Difference 823 m.
Longest Sliding Distance 2,500 m.
Maximum Slope Angle 33 °
Slope Area 70 ha
Lift 11 units
Number of courses 16 courses
Area North area 6 courses, Central area 5 courses, South area 4 courses, Downhill course 1 course
Course Level Beginner course 35%, Intermediate course 45%, Advanced course 20%
Level Area Course Name Sliding Distance Maximum Slope Angle
Beginner Central Melody 350 m. 12 °
Edelweiss 1,700 m. 10 °
North Swan 1,050 m. 15 °
Roman Holiday 720 m. 15 °
South・Central Batman South Area・Central Area Connection Course
Beginner-Intermediate Central Entertainment 920 m. 20 °
Downhill Falcon 2,500 m. 20 °
Intermediate South Eliza 1,000 m. 24 °
Central Grenoble 700 m. 23 °
Gigi 850 m. 23 °
North Broadway 700 m. 22 °
Super Broadway 450 m. 26 °
Joanna 250 m. 18 °
Advanced South $2,600,000 340 m. 32 °
Bronco 700 m 30 °
North Super Swan 160 m. 33 °


The Status of Courses and Lifts

Today's Course OPEN Schedule

The status of each course may change depends on the snow conditions.

Area Level Course Name OPEN Schedule
Central Area Beginner Melody ×
Beginner-Intermediate Entertainment ×
Beginner Edelweiss ×
Intermediate Gigi ×
Intermediate Grenoble ×
Snow Enjoyment Park ×
North Area Intermediate Broadway ×
Intermediate Super Broadway ×
Beginner Swan ×
Advanced Super Swan (Rough Terrain) ×
Beginner Roman Holiday A ×
Beginner Roman Holiday B ×
Intermediate Joanna A ×
Intermediate Joanna B ×
Snow Park ×
South Area Beginner Batman ×
Advanced $2,600,000 ×
Advanced Bronco A ×
Advanced Bronco B ×
Intermediate Eliza ×
Downhill Course Beginner-Intermediate Falcon ×

○…Expected to open △…Expected to open partly ×…Will not open

Today's Lift Status

The status of each lift may change depends on the snow conditions.
Barouche lift for sightseeing is open from 10:00~15:00 (last descent 15:30)

Area Lift Name OPEN Schedule
Central Area Diligence(8-seater Gondola) ×
Coach(2-seater lift) ×
Barouche(4-seater lift) ×
Sociable(4-seater lift) ×
Phaeton(2-seater lift) ×
North Area Victoria(4-seater lift) ×
Chariot(2-seater lift) ×
Tilbury(3-seater lift) ×
Buggy(3-seater lift) ×
South Area Landau(51-person ropeway) ×
Waggonette(2-seater lift) ×

○…Expected to open ×…Will not open -…Operation finished