Course Map

Course Map

The status of lifts and slopes


We offer the best options for skiers, snowboarders, people who come to sled and those who would simply like to play in the snow. No matter what plan you may have, we at GALA will do our very best to ensure that you and your family have a fabulous winter holiday in a snowy paradise.

We proudly present you a variety of areas, ranging from family-friendly to the truly challenging. A Gala ski pass gives you access to three ski areas, the "Central, Northern and Southern areas which you can easily move between.

The Central area is located at the entrance to all areas; it has well-groomed slopes and is popular among families due to its convenient location next to the sledding area and Rest House Cheers.

Additionally, our observation deck with panaormaic mountain views, just next to the summit, is accessible by the "Barouche" chair lift in the Central area without skis or a snowboard.

The Northern area has an expanding dynamic view, that is sure to take your breath away, and perfectly groomed slopes that are recommended for beginners to experts. There is a also a cosy restaurant called "Ole" where you can eat our signature curry, along with chips and beer on a perfect outdoor deck. It is the best place to chill out in Gala.

The Southern area is where you will find superb powder slopes off the beaten path, providing challenges for intermediate skiers and even for those that are top class.

We have a large range of areas available that cater to people of all types, from expert skiers to people who would love to play in the snow. Everyone is always welcome at Gala!