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Gala is the only ski resort in the world with a Shinkansen station. You'll be surprised at the convenience and the fast round-trip from and to Tokyo!

Cowabunga Ski Center, which is directly connected to the train station and the gondola station is the one-stop location for ticketing, concierge and rental services in preparation for playing in the snow. We are fully equipped to provide you with all the gear you need in a convenient location meaning you can come to Gala empty-handed!

Access by Shinkansen
At Tokyo station follow the signage for the Joetsu Shinkansen (platforms 20-23) and take a train named Tanigawa or Max-Tanigawa. This train will take you to either Echigo-Yuzawa or directly to Gala depending on the time and destination of the train. If you disembark the train at Echigo-Yuzawa station take one of our shuttle buses to our resort otherwise you're already there!
Access from Narita / Haneda Airport
From Narita airport, all you need to do is take the Narita Express to Tokyo station which will take 53 minutes. From Haneda airport you will need to take the Tokyo Monorail to Tokyo station which will take 30 minutes. At Tokyo station follow the signage for the Joetsu Shinkansen and take a Shinkansen to Gala!
Access by car
From the Yuzawa IC turn right onto R17. Gala Yuzawa station is the large white building to your left after 3 kilometers. Take a left at the large GALA Yuzawa sign which will lead you to the car parks. Parking is free of charge.
Shuttle Buses
A free shuttle bus service from major hotels, the station, and other places to the ski resort is available throughout the day, starting early in the morning.
For example, the shuttle bus stop for the Inamoto Inn is located to the right of the west exit of Echigo-yuzawa Station.

Free shuttle bus schedule (PDF)
December 14th 2019 ~ December 19th 2019

Free shuttle bus schedule (PDF)
December 20th 2019 ~ March 29th 2020

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